Crest Online

Crest has decided to move all its classes to an online learning platform. We believe this will be in the best interests of students and tutors while continuing to provide our excellent teaching services. 

What we offer per individual topic:

Extensive Video Lessons 

On average over 9  full length video lessons covering each topic.

Resource Booklets 

Digital resource booklets written for each lesson written by state-ranking tutors.



Access to state-ranking essays and video explanations for common essay questions in each topic.

Virtual Lessons

Weekly live virtual lessons to discuss economic updates and offer help to students

Practice Exam and Solutions

Access to revision questions and practice exams with videos explaining how to write exemplar answers.

Online Assistance

Tutors will provide free online help regarding questions for the duration of the term along with essay marking. 

At Crest we offer trial lessons for HSC and Prelim students that contains over 3 hours of video lessons for FREE!

Video Lesson Sample

A brief view of what our online tutorials offer. Videos will cover the syllabus in extensive detail. Watch as our tutors break down each dot point within a contemporary economic context. 


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