Our Classes


100 minutes of detailed content breakdown with state ranking notes provided


20 minutes of going through exclusive resources including Exemplar Essays, Monthly Macroeconomic Updates, 

Budget Analysis


16 students maximum in a classroom

Why Our Students Excel

At Crest, our students learn from the best minds in the state - our Tutors will guide you through every intricacy of the HSC Economics course. We pride ourselves on the state-ranking notes we provide our students, which are constantly updated for stats and trends to meet the strict demands on HSC markers. Since the 2018 HSC, Economics questions increasingly demand that students synthesise knowledge, so mere rote-learning is often not enough. We teach our students how to integrate knowledge from multiple topics—so they can address exactly what HSC markers are looking for.


The HSC exam consists of four extended response questions of which students are asked to write two essays of their choice. At Crest, each of our courses include updated exemplar essay plans for all essays that can be potentially asked in the HSC. Our essay plans will show students how to integrate relevant economic theories, graphs, trends, and statistics. All of our courses include online essay marking and feedback.

Short Answers

We teach our students the appropriate exam technique to break down any short answer question. Our classes include examples of difficult short answer questions and our tutors will walk through solutions step by step. Students are also encouraged to attempt short answer questions at home and ask for help outside of tutoring hours, which we provide as part of all of our courses.



$60 per lesson (2 hours)

$540 per term (9 weeks)


$50 per lesson (2 hours)

$450 per term (9 weeks)

To ensure complete satisfaction, Crest offers a first lesson free trial!



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