Kieran Zeng

 James Ruse

 99.95 ATAR

"On top of effectively teaching the content, Crest has provided incredible insight into effective exam technique which was key to my HSC success."

Lucas Nguyen

 Sydney Grammar

 Year 12

"Crest has very dedicated teachers who know economic theory (even beyond the requirements of the HSC) back to front. I really value how they not only cover theory in detail, but also how they integrate the most recent stats and trends with theory. Crest has been invaluable, helping me improve from 28th to 5th by the time of my Eco trials."

Minho Cha

James Ruse

Year 12

"Before joining Crest, Economics was one of my worst subjects. I fell behind in class and I struggled with schoolwork. But Crest changed all that. They offer clear but in-depth knowledge on not just the basics but on contemporary issues relevant today. So without their help I can honestly say that economics would never have become one of my best subjects!"

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