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What is the difference between CREST+ and Crest Physical?

CREST+ and Crest Physical are two completely separate services that we offer. Crest+ offers access to our State Ranking tutors anywhere and anytime. Crest Physical is our face to face tuition service taught by tutors at our Parramatta office.

What does the live virtual class component of CREST+ include?

Students who enrol in a CREST+ program get access to weekly live sessions with our State Ranking teachers. To join the virtual classroom, navigate to the Virtual Classroom page and click on the Microsoft Teams link. When class starts, teachers will send a link into the Virtual Classroom inviting you to join the online class call!

Will the CREST+ course be recorded or live?

Topic content is all recorded and delivered with the accompanying notes made by our state-ranking teachers. This makes it super easy to watch and rewatch videos whenever, wherever. There is, however, an optional live component where our teachers will run a live Zoom session ranging from Q&A to exam technique discussion, and commentary on contemporary economic events to essay hacks.

Who makes and teaches the CREST+ programs?

CREST+ is run by our team of instructors who previously state-ranked Economics. See Our Team for more information.

Can I get a bundle discount if I enrol in multiple CREST+ programs?

Yes! We offer secret bundled discounts and extended course duration access for students who enrol in multiple programs at once. To learn more about our bundled discounts, contact us!

Will I get access to practice exam questions and essays?

Yes! All our courses come with full length practice exams, short answer and multiple choice practice questions along with detailed answers. Our Exam Program includes full-length HSC Economics practice exams and exemplar responses. Check out our exam program here!

Will I get access to CREST+ resources if I am enrolled in Crest Physical?

CREST+ and Crest Physical are separate programs. Students who are enrolled in our face to face tuition will receive the same teaching materials as those enrolled in one of our online programs.

How can I get feedback for work (e.g. essays, quizzes, and short answers)?

Upon purchasing our course package, students get unlimited essay marking from our state-ranking teachers. The essay can be submitted as a Google Doc link on our course platform, Teachable. Quizzes and short answer correct answers will be displayed automatically after you complete the exercise on Teachable.

How can Crest help me with keeping up with statistics and current economic trends?

We release statistics and news analysis on our Free Resources and Articles page. Our instructors also hold regular webinars discussing recent economic events and their relevance to the HSC syllabus. Subscribe to our mailing list for free Economic updates!

How long does each CREST+ enrolment last?

Each program enrolment will enable access to our course materials, video lectures, live virtual classes and essy marking services for 3 months. The duration limit starts on the date of purchase. This is to ensure that students are provided with ample time to study the program materials. Program duration access can be extended to 6 and 12 months through the purchase of discounted bundle packages. To find more about our bundled discounts, contact us!

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