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Australia’s delivery services plagued with delays - September 2021

Expect delays in delivery services in the coming weeks as StarTrack truck drivers strike for 24 hours next week with Australia Post struggling to manage a historic volume of parcels.

StarTrack workers will hold a 24-hour strike on Thursday next week, pushing on the basis that the company’s management has declined an invitation to negotiate this week and failed to 'bargain in good faith'. Truck drivers have been requesting to include specific guarantees in their enterprise agreements to lessen the impact of outsourcing. The Transport Workers Union (TWU) says StarTrack has been outsourcing work at increasing rates up to 70% and is threatening employees’ jobs. Workers are also demanding limits on the use of outside hire, and a commitment to offer all available hours to StarTrack employees before contracting work out.

Last week, a ballot closed with 90% endorsement of strike action where 2,000 StarTrack members, roughly 70% of the workforce, have protection from the Fair Work Commission to strike. Last month, around 7,000 trucks drivers at transport giant Toll Group imposed a 24-hour strike after similar requests for specific guarantees to be included in their enterprise agreement. These delays come after Australia Post recently saw 500 staff in COVID isolation that has caused parcel pick-up from e-commerce retailers in locked down states to experience delays over 3 days.

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